The Camp Store – June 2021

Finally! Dogs of Course has opened an on-line pop-up “Camp Store!” The products featured represent many of the items available at our live K9 Nose Work@ Training Camps.

For June 2021 we have added many of our t-shirt designs, more messenger and computer bags and included the “I Can Find It In A Box!” fundraising pullover we sold at Virtual Nose Work Camp Spring 2021.

Almost all of the logos have been custom designs and created for Dogs of Course. Dana works with the artists first on the logo and then how it is represented on each clothing item. Items are purchased in small batches and each is embroidered or silkscreened by small independent businesses.  So colors and clothing styles change. Items we have had in the past may not be available today. When items are sold-out they may not be replaced. So seize the day and enjoy finding yourself some fun items to show off your love of nose/scent work.

Now available to you during this limited pop-up event that ends Wednesday, June 30, 2021 11:59PM EST.

International Shipping: If you would like items sent outside of the United States please contact us at The shipping calculator is not able to provide shipping for outside the US.